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Technical school and pupil internship

Are you interested in banking and want to know what the possibilities are for you after school? Or are you attending a technical school and would like to complete your required internship with us?

If so, join us and explore the modern and digital world of banking in a branch near you. The more curious you are and the more questions you have, the more you will get out of your internship.

  • Start anytime and at the location of your choice
  • Whether for a day, a week or a longer period of time
  • Experience our financial advisory service for clients first hand as part of our team
  • Apply directly within your branch of choice
Schülerpraktikum in der Bank

What makes our pupil internship special


Take a look behind the scenes of modern banking at HVB and find out if an apprenticeship or dual study program with us is right for you.


Immerse yourself in the world of money, banking and the interrelationships of the economy - Get valuable tips for your own financial management!


Get involved in your branch team, help advise clients and get your first taste of professional life and the world of banking.

It's so easy to apply for a job with us

Step 1

Find a branch

Find a branch near you where you would like to complete your pupil internship.
Locate a branch
Step 2

Ask when an internship will be possible

Ask at the branch in person or by phone (+49 89 37848000) whether an internship is possible at the time you want.
Step 3

Submit your application

Send your application documents either by email or by post to your desired branch or drop them off in person.


Apply for a pupil internship, Germany-wide and close to your home!
Locate a branch

What you need to know about your technical school and pupil internship

How to apply

Please apply directly in person at a branch near you and provide a short cover letter, your CV and a copy of your most recent school report.

It is best to call our Customer Service Centre at  +49 89 37848000 beforehand and ask to be put through to the branch of your choice to find out whether a pupil internship is possible at the time of your choice.

What we need from you for the application

Please submit the following documents to us so that we can get to know you better:

  • A short cover letter explaining your motivation for doing an internship with us
  • Your CV
  • A copy of your most recent school report

We encourage you to demonstrate your enthusiasm during your internship, to be curious and ask questions and to make yourself part of the branch team!

Why choose us for your internship?

  • Experience modern and digital banking first hand and find out if an apprenticeship with us is what you are looking for.
  • Take your first steps into professional life and gain valuable insights - directly at our branch.
  • Become part of our branch team and immerse yourself in the exciting and diverse world of banking - Discover different areas and opportunities.
  • Felix tells you about his pupil internship

    Felix completed his pupil internship with us in Hamburg.

  • My internship started in the bank’s Service area. It was very exciting because it was the first time I had ever dealt with large sums of money and a variety of issues that clients had. I was also allowed to sit in on client meetings, which gave me valuable practical experience. 



  • I was given tasks to complete independently, such as a weekly presentation to the team. I would definitely recommend an internship at HypoVereinsbank as it provides a broad overview of banking and finance in general. You have the chance to visit many different departments, which is very helpful and exciting, as you can find out which areas you find particularly interesting. 



  • I enjoyed my internship so much that I later started an apprenticeship at HypoVereinsbank. My experiences during the internship made it much easier for me to start my apprenticeship.



  • Anisa tells you about her pupil internship

    Anisa completed her pupil internship with us in Rosenheim.

  • My pupil internship at HypoVereinsbank in Rosenheim gave me valuable insights into the everyday working life of a bank clerk. I had the opportunity to become acquainted with various departments such as Service, Private Banking and Wealth Management, as well as other areas. I was even allowed to participate in client meetings. As an intern at the Service Point, I helped clients independently. It was great to find solutions to their concerns all by myself! 



  • The internship helped me to strengthen my self-confidence and broaden my knowledge of the financial industry. I quickly realised how versatile this profession is, something that was very important for me when I was deciding on an apprenticeship. That is why the decision to do my apprenticeship at HypoVereinsbank was an easy one to make.