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UniCredit Graduate Program is how you kickstart your career through a stimulating and exciting journey in one of Europe's leading financial institutions. 

Our 12- to 15-months rotation-based Graduate Program offers the opportunity to work in a forward-thinking, international and supportive environment where you can learn, grow, and thrive while making an impact and empowering communities to progress.


You will spend around 9 months of your graduate program at your ‘home base’ – your professional home port. Once you have settled in professionally and personally with the support of your colleagues, you and your manager will plan the further course of your individual graduate program, including your rotations. Because your development is important to us, we provide you with an individual training budget of € 1,500. Consult with your manager to find suitable seminars and training courses. 

  • Get to know your team personally
  • Familiarise yourself with tools, processes, and tasks
  • Become a pro in your specialist topics
  • Demonstrate ownership and take responsibility


Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the bank during your rotations over a period of 3 or 6 months. Deepen your know-how in key interface topics and related themes. This will help you better understand the big picture and your own topics. From Sales to Risk Management to Digital & Operations - Together with your manager, you determine your rotations individually based on your experience, interests and target area. Expand your knowledge and your network for your future career plans.

  • Learn the basics of banking
  • Understand others and the big picture
  • Deepen your knowledge of products and processes
  • Gain international experience – for selected positions this can also be possible with a rotation abroad

Target area

Use the graduate program for your professional and personal development to become an expert in your area. By taking an active role in contributing your ideas and gradually taking on more and more responsibility, you will not only shape your own career, but also the future of banking together with us. During the last third of your graduate program, you and your manager will discuss specific opportunities and ideas for your target position with us, where you can fully develop your potential.

  • Explore the possibilities in your target area
  • Bring your ideas and wishes to the table
  • Start off well prepared and trained for your first individual responsibilities
  • An indefinite contract guarantees your place in the company
Trainees in der HVB

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Join a community of more than 100 graduate trainees. Our events will make your time as a graduate trainee unforgettable.

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  • Jonas takes you along to his graduate program

    Jonas studied Business Informatics, is doing his graduate program with us in Controlling, and will be joining his team as a Financial Analyst after he finishes.

  • During my time as a working student, I had the unique opportunity to get to know the different areas, colleagues and processes with my future employer while I was studying and building a network. As a student, the fixed monthly salary gave me additional security during uncertain times, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. The transition to my graduate position after graduation was smooth and simple. 



  • The application process at HVB was very transparent. I felt welcome right from the start and developed a positive relationship with my contact person. In my opinion, the online test in the first step of the process deserves special mention, as its game-like nature and virtual instructions clearly set it apart from other companies. 




  • I am doing my graduate program in Controlling which means I have remained with my team from my time as a working student. As a graduate trainee, I also appreciate the security of an indefinite employment contract and a fair salary. I can participate in individually structuring my graduate program. This gives me the opportunity to get the best out of the program. I would highly recommend the opportunity to become a working student and graduate trainee at HVB. 



  • Franziska tells us about her graduate program

    True to the saying ‘All good things come in threes’, Franziska began our graduate program in Digital Sales Retail after completing an apprenticeship and internship with us.

  • Early on in my professional career, I realised that I was looking for an employer who would support me in my professional and personal development by actively encouraging and challenging me. I found exactly that kind of employer with HypoVereinsbank. During my apprenticeship as a bank clerk, I had the opportunity to work on my strengths and weaknesses through a variety of training courses and feedback sessions, which helped me to achieve my goals. 



  • I was able to get to know the branch business from the ground up and gained a lot of experience in dealing with clients. After completing my apprenticeship, I decided to start a full-time degree program. HVB fully supported me in this decision. During my studies, I had another opportunity to get to know the bank from a different perspective as an intern at the CEO HR Training Centre. Here, too, I was able to take on responsibility at an early stage and gain insight into the bank’s headquarters. 



  • During my studies, I was also able to get to know other companies. Nevertheless, I decided to work for HVB again after finishing my degree. As a graduate trainee, I have the opportunity to get to know various departments and people in Germany, Austria and Italy. I cannot wait to see where my journey with HVB takes me. The most important thing I have taken with me as an apprentice, intern and graduate trainee is that HVB supports you in whatever you want to achieve. It is up to you to take action!



  • Adrian tells us about his graduate program

    Adrian completed his master’s degree in Real Estate Management in Regensburg. He then joined our graduate program in Real Estate Valuation and now works as a Real Estate Valuation Expert.

  • Preparing property valuations during my graduate program was particularly exciting because I was always able to visit these properties personally. This was a definite added value, as we operate throughout Germany and cover all types of property use. This meant that I saw quite a lot - from a chocolate factory to a city villa in a prime location to a supermarket in a rural area. I was able to gain even more experience and insight in my rotations. For example, I took the opportunity to visit our appraisal colleagues in Berlin for a month and get to know our team there as well as the German capital - an absolute highlight if you are interested in real estate. 


  • I was also able to gain valuable insights into HVB’s commercial real estate business through a rotation with our internal clients on the business side. In addition, I was involved in projects that required me to think outside the box - a welcome change of pace alongside our day-to-day business. One of these is the topic of ESG in real estate valuation, which has a big impact, as roughly 30-35% of the CO2 emissions in Germany come from the real estate sector. 


  • Apart from that, I find the comprehensive offers for graduate trainees and employees exciting. One component I am currently involved in is the ‘Generational Tandem’. Here, the roles are reversed, and graduate trainees and young professionals mentor more experienced leadership colleagues, for example on digital issues. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from each other, for exchange and to pick up a tip or two from one another.


  • Giuseppe lives our company's internationality

    Giuseppe completed his master’s degree in Management in Italy and joined us as a graduate trainee in the Digital Transformation & Projects department.

  • As an international management graduate, I have always tried to find myself in a global environment, so when I was considering a workplace, UniCredit was at the top of my list. I initially applied and completed the selection process for the UniCredit Impact Graduate Program in Milan. Although I was not among the 25 people selected, I received positive feedback and a few days later was given the opportunity to join UniCredit in the German Graduate Program in Munich. 



  • I ended up being hired by UniCredit Bank GmbH, finding myself in one of the most international teams - with colleagues from Austria, Croatia, Ukraine and Mexico - making the burden of not speaking German a bit lighter. As part of the CEO office, I am currently in a department that is fully involved in supporting the decision-making process. Our positioning is helpful in order to quickly gain information about how the bank is evolving while keeping an eye on the future. The time here has really flown by, thanks to the healthy workplace I found when I moved here and all the really pleasant colleagues / friends I have had the chance to meet.

  • Juliana tells us about her highlights

    Juliana got off to a flying start as a Junior Sustainable Finance Officer CRO after completing her graduate program in Internal Validation. She now works as a Risk Manager for Real Estate & Private Clients with an ESG perspective on real estate.

  • Something that has always been particularly important to me is open and transparent communication with colleagues and managers and the associated feedback and error culture. In my opinion, this plays a very important role in one’s own development and progress. This is especially the case if you are working on an unfamiliar topic. Through this regular and open exchange, I was able to both encourage and challenge my environment and myself. 



  • There are many opportunities to learn about and participate in other areas of activity at the bank. By participating in various initiatives (e.g., Brownbag Sessions, Trainee Meets Manager) and other events - some of which we also organised from our own graduate trainee ranks - I was able to gain many different impressions. Above all, the possibility for rotations during my graduate program and the direct collaboration and support allowed me to think beyond the scope of my work. 



  • For example, I worked on the Sustainable Finance Regulatory project for about eight weeks. This work fascinated me so much that after completing my graduate program, I was given the opportunity to join the project on a permanent basis. Entry opportunities after the graduate program period are therefore not set in stone. If strengths and interests are clearly evident (as they were for me in the ESG area), why not go in a different direction? I highly recommend that everyone gain as much insight and experience as possible and make the most of the opportunities presented. 


  • Fabian tells us about networking

    Fabian advises wealthy private clients in his graduate program and really appreciates the many networking opportunities during the program.

  • HVB places great emphasis on successful and stress-free onboarding. Everyone takes a great deal of time - be it at events or in person on site. Management takes time for us, tells us about their careers and answers our questions. And my personal buddy, Elias, made the first few days easy for me - We still keep in touch on a regular basis. ‘Networking’ is a top priority in the graduate program and is also encouraged accordingly. As a new graduate trainee, you notice this right away. 




  • During my graduate program, I was able to expand my network through events such as Welcome Day, ‘NEWS’ or Graduate Trainee Day. On the one hand, I was able to get to know other graduate trainees quickly, for example in a graffiti workshop or when we solved an escape-room challenge together. On the other hand, I also got to know many other colleagues and the bank’s top management. As graduate trainees, we are ambassadors - and we are committed to our employer.


  • I share my experiences and impressions with the world through LinkedIn, for example. Our suggestions and ideas are also heard internally. I had the opportunity to communicate my impressions and ideas to the board in a small GEC Connect group. A particular highlight was the invitation to the CEO Dinner, where I had the chance to be part of interesting and valuable conversations with our CEO Marion Höllinger, the entire Management Board and our CEO of UniCredit Group Andrea Orcel, thus expanding my network even further.



  • Irfan appreciates our flexibility & openness

    Irfan brings his knowledge from Business Client Service to the Digital Transformation team after completing his graduate program.

  • My Small Business Clients Sales graduate program was the perfect way for me to combine practical experience with my continuing education studies after my apprenticeship as a bank clerk. Through my numerous rotations, I was able to meet many interesting colleagues and experience many different areas of responsibility. Changing workplaces and teams frequently was sometimes exhausting - But always went hand in hand with a huge networking opportunity and a wide range of knowledge from different fields of activity. 



  • During the course of the graduate program, I also particularly appreciated the flexibility in terms of my workplace and working hours, something that is increasingly becoming the new normal in our bank. From my point of view, a graduate program is the best way to get an overall view of banking. In the end, it helped me develop cross-divisionally from Business Client Service to project work on the Digital Transformation team.