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Have you already successfully completed the first half of your studies and are now looking for some exciting practical experience? Do you want to explore possibilities and deepen your knowledge? Get to know us during an internship and experience how versatile banking is.

  • Duration: 6 weeks to 6 months
  • Starts possible throughout the year
  • Available throughout Germany and in all divisions
  • Flexible work
  • € 2,200 per month for both required and voluntary internships

Working students

Are you enrolled and looking for exciting practical experience? Do you still want to try something new, develop professionally and at the same time finance your studies? Get to know us as a working student and experience how versatile banking is.

  • Duration: minimum 6 months
  • Starts possible throughout the year
  • Available throughout Germany and in all divisions
  • Flexible work
  • Up to 20 hours per week earning more than € 18 per hour

UniCredit Graduate Program

Are you looking for an entry-level job that suits you perfectly? Do you want a structured and flexible program that gives you a professional start and allows you to get to know the company as a whole? Design your individual graduate program and the future of banking with us. 

  • Duration: 12-18 months
  • Starts possible throughout the year
  • Available in Germany, Italy and Austria in all divisions
  • Flexible work
  • Permanent contract with an annual salary from € 56,900 + bonus
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  • Daniel tells you about his internship

    Daniel earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Munich and completed his required internship with us in the Risk Management division before starting a working-student program in the Sales division.



    From the first day of my five-month internship at HVB, two of my team members supported me as internship advisors. This made me feel well taken care of and welcome right from the start, and I was accepted as a fully-fledged member of the team. The team atmosphere was really great and made me happy to go to work every day. When another intern from India who did not speak German joined us, everyone was really helpful and inclusive straight away - All the meetings and conversations were immediately switched to English. 




    I also got to know other interns in other divisions from India, Greece, Estonia and France, and I was able to expand my network internationally. It was very important to my internship advisors that I also understand the big picture behind our activities as well as the bank as a whole. In the end, I was able to pass on the knowledge I had gained to my successor and thus played a significant role in his training. In addition to my main job, I was also allowed to take part in various professional development and training courses.



  • For example, I received VBA training (Microsoft Office programming) from my team head. To ensure that I could apply what I had learned there in practice, I was assigned my own project work that involved facilitating my team’s work in the long run through automation. It was a fantastic way to complete my internship!




  • Martin talks about his experience

    Martin studied Business Administration in Munich and even completed two working-student programs with us - first in Credit Risk Modelling and then in Credit Operations. He afterwards joined us as a graduate trainee there.

  • The bank’s goal is to provide capital to companies that actively participate in the transition to a more sustainable, social and inclusive world - in line with the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance). During my time as a working student at HVB, I analysed international companies using these criteria. The results of the analysis are an important part of the credit application.




  • The working-student program allowed me not only to gain an in-depth understanding of the ESG criteria, but also to make my personal contribution to a sustainable future and to strengthen my profile in an emerging field. After completing my master’s degree, I started at HVB as a graduate trainee in the Corporate Banking division. My working-student program opened the door for me to do this, and I have not regretted my decision even for a day!




  • Julia talks about her graduate program

    Julia joined as a graduate trainee in Digital Foresight after completing her working-student job in Corporate Communication.



    I already realised that the bank was a good fit for me as an employer when I was a working student - Even though I had 'stumbled' into the financial industry rather by chance at the time. I got lucky, because the open culture, the many great people and the continuous development opportunities make it a career path that feels absolutely right. At the beginning of my graduate program, I decided to change divisions. This has allowed me not only to develop professionally, but also to gain international experience with a rotation to the Group Headquarter in Milan. 



  • Through subsequent domestic rotations and many networking opportunities, I was able to get to know the bank from many different sides and was already well networked when I took up my position. And one very special point for me: As a graduate trainee, you have the chance to work on your own from day one, which means you can actively help shape the bank of the future on a daily basis.