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Green Bond of UniCredit Bank AG

After the inaugural Green Pfandbrief issuance in September 2021, UniCredit Bank AG just recently issued the second green mortgage covered bond with a volume of EUR 500 million. The bond has a tenor of 5.5 years and is - like the first note – secured with real estate mortgages from the bank’s cover pool. The buildings contained therein are particularly energy-efficient and have lower CO2 emissions.

The inaugural green bond issuance took place under UniCredit's Sustainability Bond Framework. The framework allows the Group's main issuers UniCredit S.p.A., UniCredit Bank AG and UniCredit Bank Austria to issue green, social, and sustainability bonds, which will be a recurring part of the Group's funding activity going forward.

For further information, please read our press release, the Presentation to Fixed Income Investors and the UCB AG – Impact & Allocation Reporting.

  1. EUR 500 Mio.
  2. EUR 500 Mio.
Value Date
  1. 28.09.2021
  2. 27.09.2022 
  1. 28.09.2026
  2. 27.04.2028 
  1. Pfandbrief
  2. Pfandbrief
  1. DE000HV2AYN4
  2. DE000HV2AY12