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Are you in the middle of your degree program and want to know what your options are for afterwards? Are you looking for an interesting part-time job that will give you an exciting insight into the working world while helping you finance your studies with an attractive salary?

Learn more about us as a working student, immerse yourself in the multifaceted world of banking, sharpen your profile and find your passion - no matter which area you are interested in.

  • At least 6 months
  • Hourly wages over € 17 gross
  • Flexible working hours with up to 20 hours per week
  • Gain important practical experience based on the focus of your studies

What makes our working-student program special


Be open to new experiences and opportunities - Immerse yourself in modern banking as well as HVB. See which job really suits you.


Be an important member of our team from the very beginning and inspire us with your creative and innovative ideas. Create the future of banking with us!


Take your knowledge to the next level. Secure the decisive advantage in the job market by gaining valuable practical experience.

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Everything you need to know about being a working student

All the facts

  • To be eligible for a position as a working student with us, you must be enrolled for the entire duration of your working-student program.
  • We will be happy to work with you to coordinate your working hours flexibly with your schedule, up to 20 hours per week.
  • Please allow at least 6 months for your working-student program so that you have enough time to settle in with us and gain valuable experience.
  • As part of our team, you can look forward to fair and transparent compensation according to the bank tariff (TG3/3). You will not only benefit from an attractive salary, but also from benefits regulated by the collective agreement, such as annual-leave entitlement, continued payment of wages in case of illness and a pro-rata 13th monthly salary.

Why choose us for your working-student program?

  • Actively shape the digital transformation of one of the most change-driven industries by contributing your fresh perspective and innovative ideas.
  • Immerse yourself in the exciting and multifaceted world of banking and join us in exploring different areas and specific topics that inspire your curiosity.
  • Use your working-student program to discover your professional interests and to prepare for your career path. Get inspired by new challenges and set the course for your successful future.
  • Exceed expectations and we will include you in our Young Talent Network to keep in touch even after your working-student program and hopefully soon welcome you as a permanent employee.
  • Get ready for an exciting journey through the world of HypoVereinsbank! Dive into individual specialist areas at various events and learn all about your career opportunities within the bank. Take the opportunity to improve your soft skills by taking part in assessment-centre training sessions, for example. At the regular get togethers, you will meet other interns and working students and have the opportunity to chat about your ideas and network with them.

How to apply

Please use our Job Portal exclusively for your application and apply for a maximum of three positions at the same time. We look forward to meeting you! 

  • Vanessa talks about her program

    Vanessa completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics in Dresden. During this time, she was a working student in the Business Client division before joining us as a graduate trainee there.



    ‘Working student Business Clients at HypoVereinsbank’ - When I saw this ad on LinkedIn, I thought: This sounds like a great opportunity to combine my studies with practical experience! I had recently completed my business degree with a major in SMEs in Dresden. During my studies, I was looking for a working-student job where I could apply the theory I had learned - I definitely got that opportunity at HVB. In your working-student program, you get to immerse yourself in the practical side of things. In my case this meant preparing for and attending client meetings, analysing credit-rating documents, corporate strategies and client business models, as well as project activities.



    In addition, the bank is happy to hear about digital innovations that you can contribute everywhere as a young talent. You will be fully involved in the day-to-day work of a supervisor and your valuable ideas will be heard. In addition to the varied tasks, the attractive remuneration and the flexibility in working hours and locations were also very tempting. You will be fully equipped technically to be able to work remotely. Especially for me as a student, this was incredibly important, as I did not want to limit my freedom to work from other places across Germany and even Europe. 


    Working together with my team is especially important to me, which is why the working atmosphere plays an essential role for me. From joint team meetings to sporting events or after-hour cocktails to the opportunity to build a bank-wide network, there is so much on offer. From joint team meetings to sporting events or after-hour cocktails to the opportunity to build a bank-wide network, there is so much on offer. Because of all these factors, I decided to join the graduate program at HVB. I am really looking forward to the next few months and to facing new challenges, networking and making a difference as an important part of the bank. 


  • Utku talks about his program

    Utku completed his degree in Business Informatics in Munich. He enjoyed his internship in our Digital division so much that he then continued to support the team as a working student.

  • After my internship with HVB in the Cards, Cash & Digital Solutions division, I had the opportunity to build on my experience by becoming a working student. In doing so, I was part of a dedicated team that focused on driving the bank’s digitisation. It was extremely exciting because banking is currently changing so quickly and digitisation is one of the megatrends. I was working in a cutting-edge environment and felt like I was making an important contribution. 


  • During this time, I took part in exciting networking programs such as the Weekly Lunch or socials with top managers. I made interesting contacts and was able to learn well beyond my own field of activity. I am grateful for this experience and happy to be part of such a professional and dynamic company. My time at HVB and the many encounters I had will not be forgotten and I look forward to the future - Maybe we will see each other again!



  • Xenia talks about her program

    Xenia earned her degree in Cultural Studies and Economics in Vienna. After completing a working-student program in our Corporate Banking Tech Team in Berlin, she joined us as a graduate trainee.

  • I chose the working-student program at HypoVereinsbank because, as part of the UniCredit Group, the bank offers me a wide range of development opportunities in an international environment. Prior to my working-student program, I had already been working for a year as an intern in IT Project Management and then in Innovation Management at UniCredit in Austria. As part of the Corporate Banking Tech Team at HypoVereinsbank in Berlin, I was then able to experience the incredible growth stories of Germany’s largest tech companies. 


  • It was fascinating! It was during this time that I learned how to analyse the innovative business models of our clients, for example in terms of macroeconomic developments. I enjoyed my working-student program so much that I later joined the same team as a graduate trainee.