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What happens to the online application and when can I expect feedback?

Each application is personally and, of course, confidentially reviewed by People & Culture and the staff in the relevant division. We will then contact you promptly.

Please note that we only accept applications through our Job portal. This ensures that we receive your application details directly and can reply to you as soon as possible.

What documents are required to apply?

Your online application should include copies of all relevant certificates (job references, master’s/bachelor’s degree, school-leaving certificate, internships, etc.).

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How long is my weekly working time and can I make it flexible?

Our working hours are based on the tariff-regulated 39-hour week, which also applies to non-tariff employees.

We want to support our employees in balancing their professional and private goals by organising their working hours in a modern way. Every employee is an individual and every day is different. That is why we offer flexible working hours and other flexible working models, such as working remotely some of the time. This allows you to adapt your working hours to your current work needs and to remain flexible even for private appointments.

How much annual leave will I have?

All tariff and non-tariff HVB employees have 30 days’ leave per year, plus paid time off for special occasions such as a marriage, birth or volunteering.

How much will I earn?

All tariff and non-tariff HVB employees receive an annual salary consisting of twelve monthly salary payments, a special payment of one monthly salary and a performance-based bonus, usually based on one monthly salary.

Employees with Total Compensation contracts also receive an annual salary made up of twelve monthly salary payments plus a discretionary bonus.

Salaries are always paid in advance on the first of the month - in combination with additional pension contributions from the employer and special conditions for banking transactions, making it a really well-rounded package.

  • Alexander works in Corporate Banking

    Alexander works with us in the Corporate Banking division and particularly appreciates the variety of challenges and the opportunity to be his own ‘manager’.

  • As a Corporate-Client Advisor (SMEs) at HypoVereinsbank, you have contact with interesting people every day and get to know companies from a wide range of industries. This is exactly what makes the job so exciting and varied. To find the best solutions, you have to constantly think your way into the most diverse business challenges. 



  • Together with our specialists, e.g., for start-ups and succession, you can make full use of our wide range of products, provide our clients with the best possible strategic advice as equals and create real entrepreneurial added value. I am particularly motivated by the praise I receive from our clients and the opportunity to be able to build a trusting and long-term relationship with them.



  • As an employer, HVB gives young professionals in particular a high level of trust and responsibility for their work as Corporate-Client Advisors: Right from the start, you are the ‘manager’ of your own client portfolio. You work independently and decide on your own how to organise yourself and your tasks. I really appreciate this type of working environment and in particular the trust the bank has placed in me, as well as the variety in my day-to-day work and the development opportunities that the position of Corporate-Client Advisor at HVB offers me.

  • Jaquelline works in Private Banking

    Jaquelline works with us in the area of Retail, Private Banking & Wealth Management. Finding personalised solutions that are tailored to our clients makes her everyday work exciting.

  • Our division features a broadly diversified client portfolio. Client Advisors and specialists work closely together and can therefore quickly develop an individual solution for our clients on site or digitally. In this way, we can satisfy our clients’ wishes in every area in a professional manner. Clients usually enter into a business relationship with a sense of trust. 





  • Confirming the trust in us by recommending us to clients out of their own conviction is honest feedback and the best compliment I could receive. Since my apprenticeship at HVB, I have experienced that good performance is not only seen, but also encouraged through recognition, development opportunities and talent programs. When ‘challenge’ and ‘support’ are aligned, it’s easy to perform at your best.





  • Eileen works in Investment Banking

    Eileen works with us in Investment Banking and particularly enjoys the mix of business consulting and banking.

  • I work in Advisory, where we advise clients on all strategic aspects of Corporate Finance, such as M&A (Mergers & Acquisition), ECM and DCM (Equity and Debt Capital Markets) and ACM (Advisory Capital Management). I work very closely with the companies and their shareholders, and I am challenged to think ‘outside the box’. In our area, we typically work very closely with the companies over a period of months, build a great business relationship and learn a lot about the different business models. 



  • That’s also the attraction for me. It is amazingly motivating to be able to provide real added value for my clients, for example in the context of a company sale as a succession solution or an IPO (Initial Public Offering). The close client relationship makes the project a joint success and a shared pleasure. I particularly enjoy the fact that I have an ideal mix of business consulting and banking every day in my field. For this reason, I need a broad skill set, such as strategic thinking and financial analysis. 



  • But equally relevant are communication and marketing, project and client management, negotiation skills, attention to detail and especially teamwork. In my more than fifteen years at the bank - from my dual degree program with a start in Private Banking to a position as Director in Investment Banking - I have worked in great teams in diverse areas and have been strongly supported in my personal development. My experience from other areas, my individual strengths and my proactive commitment have always been very much appreciated. This has allowed me to continuously develop and pursue my interests.


  • Stephanie works in Finance & Tax

    Stephanie works for us in Finance & Tax and practices our values of Integrity, Ownership and Caring every day.

  • In our Finance & Tax division we not only ensure the regulatory compliance of our bank, but also the compliance with our values of Integrity, Ownership and Caring. In my job, I actively shape our risk, control and process management in such a way that it is in line with the ever more stringent regulatory requirements. 





  • This is not always easy, but in the end, effective corporate governance benefits not only our organisation, but also our clients and all our stakeholders. This is what makes my area so exciting and interesting for me. I am proud to be part of HypoVereinsbank and the UniCredit Group because you can feel and experience the international and pan-European DNA of our bank every day. 



  • Being able to operate in an innovative, digital and future-oriented working environment where mutual appreciation, respect and communication on equal terms are always a priority is fun and motivates me. As a proud mother of two girls, I not only experience diversity, culture and female empowerment, but actively help to shape and exemplify them. I am grateful and happy that the compatibility of career and family is a matter of course for our bank. 



  • Indra works in Risk Management

    Indra works for us in Risk Management and supports society in creating additional living space.

  • I work as Head of Real Estate and Private Clients and manage the risk of the property portfolio for the bank. Together with my team, I make lending decisions that support society in creating additional living space, for example. We support our clients in transforming their property to reduce the carbon footprint of the sector and our portfolio. Mutual trust, respectful interaction and appreciation of each individual in the value chain are essential for me when working together. I have great colleagues and employees, we are diverse and everyone is allowed to be who they are. UniCredit offers many opportunities to try things out and develop further. I really appreciate this environment!


  • Andreas works in Digital

    Andreas works with us in Digital and is passionate about actively helping to shape the future of the bank.

  • What I love most about my job as part of the Digital division is the opportunity to actively shape the future of HypoVereinsbank. Digitisation has the potential to significantly influence the transformation of our company and of banking as a whole, as it brings progress and innovation - precisely what sets our division apart. 



  • By pushing these developments, I am helping to make our world increasingly connected and accessible. This allows us to offer our clients state-of-the-art products and services and to constantly improve our collaboration. It’s an incredibly exciting time we are living in, and I am proud and privileged to be a part of this transformation.



  • Gesal works in Operations

    Gesal is a manager in Operations and a proud mother of three.

  • Appreciation, recognition and respect are very important to us at the bank. This creates a great working atmosphere and ensures that I enjoy starting my work day! My job as a KYC (Know Your Customer) Team Lead offers me a multifaceted and international working environment in which I can contribute my ideas and impact to the development of the bank. 




  • I completed my apprenticeship as a bank clerk at HypoVereinsbank more than twenty year ago, meaning I ‘grew up’ here and have remained loyal to the bank ever since. I am proud to be part of a company that offers me the freedom to enjoy a good work-life balance - especially as a manager and mother of three children - and supports me in my continuous development and professional achievements!



  • Felix works in People & Culture

    Felix is part of our People & Culture division. After his internship, he joined as a graduate trainee and now works as a Strategic Partner.

  • I started as an HR Business Partner/Strategic Partner intern and immediately felt at home. It has never been boring: From all the operational activities of a Strategic Partner to organising the exchange of high-potential employees and managers to cross-divisional projects such as the Gender-Diversity Project, my internship had it all. The mix of working atmosphere, diversity and development opportunities makes HVB the perfect fit for me. I enjoyed my internship at HVB so much that I decided to stay here afterwards. 



  • As a graduate trainee, I found a new challenge that was incredibly fun and confirmed that I’d been right to stay with HVB anew every day. The graduate program was the best way for me to grow into my future position after graduation because it allowed me to focus specifically on deepening my knowledge and skills in the People & Culture division. Above all, I saw the opportunity to get to know different divisions and build a large network as a great opportunity. 



  • On top of that, benefits such as the Wellhub make HVB a very attractive employer even after work. As a Strategic Partner, I now work closely with the business units and act as an interface on strategic and operational HR issues. As a result, I deal with new human-resources requirements on a daily basis and get to see first-hand what the bank and my colleagues are dealing with. These challenges and the great atmosphere are why I like to come to work at the bank every day.



  • Birgit works in Marketing

    Birgit works with us in Marketing and Customer Experience and develops exciting marketing strategies with her team.

  • Our division develops unique marketing strategies in which, for example, successful entrepreneurs such as Kärcher, Fiege or CF.Group tell their stories and we present the role of the bank in their successes. Our collaboration with FC Bayern München, Arena di Verona and our sustainability spokesperson Felix Neureuther opens up exciting opportunities to design a wide variety of marketing measures and to continually delve into new subject areas. 



  • I really enjoy working in Marketing, especially because of my fantastic colleagues with their great personalities and the resulting wonderful working atmosphere. I also appreciate the open interaction and the genuine team spirit. Given the variety and diversity of our advertising activities, it is never boring, and I can be creative and take responsibility for my own work. When we receive good feedback from our managers and our internal and external clients at the end of a campaign, it motivates me greatly and gives meaning to my work. 



  • In the now twenty-four years that I have been at HypoVereinsbank/UniCredit, I have worked in various divisions on both international and more local projects. In addition to plenty of variety, I have been able to build a broad network and get to know interesting people from all the divisions. And, of course, HypoVereinsbank also offers all the advantages of a modern working environment in a smart-working, home or remote office, with flexi-time and fair pay. 



  • Doreen works in Communication

    Doreen works with us in the Communication division and coordinates our communication channels.

  • As Channel Manager, I am responsible for coordinating the communication channels, such as the intranet, TV screens, etc. We have a number of content-management systems for the different channels. You can imagine it like this: In our weekly editorial meeting, the whole team discusses theme-related ideas and decides which content will be produced for the respective channel in a target-group-specific way. 



  • The Theme Manager then writes the articles in coordination with the division. In the final editing stage, I go over the texts again to ensure a consistent communication style across the different units. I then layout the top stories on the intranet. We check the success of our contributions regularly in a comprehensive analysis. 



  • At the same time, I manage the communication on the TV screens in our office buildings to inform about campaigns and other topics that are relevant to the bank. I enjoy being part of the team because we all bring our individual strengths to the table to successfully implement the 360-degree approach in the newsroom together. With us, team spirit is not just a buzzword, but is practiced on a daily basis in line with our values of Integrity, Ownership and Caring. 



  • Felix works in Audit

    Felix works with us in Audit and loves the multifaceted nature of his job and the fact that it covers all of the bank’s expertise.

  • Because our Internal Audit division audits all of the bank’s processes, it is distinguished by having expertise in every area. It is the only way for us to independently assess HVB’s procedures. We therefore reflect the expertise of HVB as a whole in one area. This diversity of topics makes it possible to draw attention to shortcomings at all levels and to bring about improvements. In addition, we collaborate with Group Audit in Italy to implement group-wide audit regulations, work together on IT projects, or perform audit activities. 



  • This broad range of topics makes my work extremely multifaceted. Specifically, as a Data Analyst in Audit, you are either a data expert in constantly changing audits, or you are working on internal IT projects, such as the launch of a new IT application. This provides me with new challenges almost every day. In addition, we have a really harmonious teamwork atmosphere in the Audit division. The bank offers a number of great additional services that are especially interesting for young people and that I also like to use. 



  • One example is Wellhub, a third-party provider that connects companies, employees and sporting facilities, and offers us as employees - thanks to a subsidy from the company - significantly discounted access to many fitness facilities. HVB also provides security for the future through its company pension scheme. And that in particular - at a time when pensions will not be very high for young workers - is an extremely important and not-to-be-underestimated benefit.



  • Leonhard works in Legal

    Leonhard works with us in the Legal division and particularly appreciates the professional and personal exchange with his team.

  • I work in the Legal division of HypoVereinsbank because here I have the opportunity to provide independent legal advice on exciting projects and transactions in different subject areas. The entire Legal division sees itself as a team: There is always an open ear for tricky legal questions and the opportunity for expert exchange. As a young lawyer, I benefit from the many years of experience that many of my colleagues have. 



  • In addition, working with employees from other divisions makes working here really versatile and interesting. And there is no shortage of fun either: A spontaneous after-work beer or the weekly football match with the Legal football team are just as much a part of my everyday ‘working’ life. I appreciate the high degree of flexibility that our employees at the bank are given within the framework of Smart Working. Whether working from home or during an extended lunch break, administrative errands or doctor’s appointments can be easily integrated into the working week. 



  • In addition, all employees benefit from numerous benefits. I personally use Wellhub, a bank-subsidised fitness offer that includes several fitness centres and swimming pools in Munich. For example, I can take a swim before work or relax with yoga or in the sauna after work. I also chose a nice gravel bike through JobRad, which I use for touring at the weekend and riding to work during the week.



  • Anna works in Compliance

    Anna works with us in Compliance and appreciates the diversity and constant change in her job.

  • Compliance generates a real competitive advantage. By acting as a reliable partner, we support the business divisions in making decisions in accordance with the legal framework as well as our internal guidelines, thus noticeably minimising risk. I find our wide range of topics particularly exciting, including the prevention of money laundering, fraud, corruption and market abuse, but also areas such as financial sanctions, investment advice, data protection and much more. 



  • Our tasks are just as varied: In addition to providing advice on specific issues, other tasks on the agenda include risk analyses and control activities. The focus is always on protecting the bank and our clients. In my work, I particularly appreciate working with an innovative team in such a diverse and ever-changing field.


  • Bastian works in Corporate Strategy

    Bastian works with us the Corporate Strategy division and is actively involved in shaping our future with his strategic themes.

  • My area of work in Corporate Strategy is extremely varied and versatile. Every day is different, which makes the job very exciting for me and constantly presents me with new challenges. What is particularly appealing to me is that the industry as a whole is currently in a state of change - This creates incredible creative opportunities and gives me the chance to be an active part of our future. 



  • I can take responsibility right from the start, working on strategic issues as the right hand of top managers and giving each project my own personal touch. Independent work is expressly encouraged. At HypoVereinsbank, I have infinite opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Our culture, processes and products have constantly evolved and adapted to the economic and social environment. 



  • The pleasant working atmosphere and understanding for my personal situation are the reasons why I come to work motivated every day. Our team sticks together even in challenging times, and the flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home are great, too. In addition, the bank supports me in staying fit and healthy through offers such as Wellhub, JobRad and workshops.