HypoVereinsbank and Kunsthalle München – United in Diversity at Munich Pride 2024!

HypoVereinsbank und Kunsthalle München – Vereint in Vielfalt auf dem CSD in München!


The rainbow flags in front of the HVB Tower in Munich fly as a symbol of diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion at the HypoVereinsbank. These values are of great importance all year round – not only during Pride Month. In June, however, the tolerance, acceptance and self-confidence of the LGBTQIA+ community are particularly in focus. This year, the internal LGBTQIA+ network "UniCorns" is once again sending a strong signal together with the Kunsthalle München: For the second time in a row, they will be represented with a truck under the motto "United in Diversity: United in Diversity - Together against the Right" at the Christopher Street Day (Pride) parade on June 22, 2024 in Munich.

The UniCorns network has been committed to an inclusive corporate culture since 2014 and is the point of contact for colleagues in the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. The network now has 190 members.

As part of the PRIDE Weeks, the Kunsthalle München organizes numerous events, including with the UniCorns. You can find all events in the PRIDE Guide.



Diversity is a success factor to HypoVereinsbank‘s competitiveness. Being a part of UniCredit, we believe that an equal and diverse workforce is essential to our business and creates a fair, inclusive, and positive work environment.

We want to ensure that all colleagues have the same chances – because we can only be successful if our employees develop and contribute all their personal skills and abilities. 

We believe that great things happen when Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are aligned:

  • The employees feel respected and valued for their performance, which has a direct effect on productivity.
  • The employees feel integrated, connected, and proud, which positively impacts health and well-being in the workplace.
  • The employees feel empowered to express their views and ideas, which in turn promotes creativity, innovation, and diversity of thought.
  • The employees feel validated, which helps to unlock talent, to boost performance and increases job satisfaction.

All of this enables us to sustain company growth and better support everyone - our customers, communities, and shareholders.

Learn more about our culture, values and goals

Our approach to cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity is about understanding, accepting, and valuing people’s differences.

We create, maintain, and protect equity throughout the organization in our recruitment, development, and retention processes as well as our products and services.

Social and cultural inclusion is based on respect and accessibility. We promote a barrier-free and positive work environment where everyone has a voice.


Careers must not depend on one´s gender. This is why we are proud to be the only European bank to have achieved EDGE-CERTIFICATION – an award that reflects our commitment to gender and intersectional justice. But our commitment goes far beyond certifications: we are active advocates for gender equality: from leadership tandems – an initiative from our Gender Diversity Program – to gender-responsive and inclusive language, because language creates reality. With our Diversity Sponsors we bring diversity to all divisions of the bank. As a cross-bank initiative, the Diversity Sponsors have founded F:AST (Female: ambitious, successful & tolerant). The HVB Women’s network provides targeted support for women in their development towards their first or next management position or the next step in their professional career.


Different generations work together in our bank. The combination of fresh perspectives and longtime experience enriches us in our daily work. For us, Equal Care means considering our employee’s different needs and life situations – from childcare to social events and care services. In doing so, we not only take care of all employees to the same extent, but moreover, enable them to unlock their full potential. In order to strengthen the exchange and understanding between the generations, we have developed our Generation Tandems.

Sexual orientation

We are a colorful, open-minded, and global “working community”. This is why we are committed to the “come as you are” principle – in every respect. We are convinced: If you feel comfortable and accepted, and can be completely yourself without pretending or hiding, you can unlock your true potential, and thus that of the entire bank. For this reason, we established our “UniCorns” in 2014 – a community of LGBTQIA+ colleagues and allies with the aim of creating a corporate culture in which all employees are valued, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Ethnicity & nationality

Being part of the pan-European UniCredit Group, cultural and international diversity are a natural part of our DNA. We work across national borders and cultural boundaries to achieve a common purpose: Empowering Communities to Progress. At HypoVereinsbank alone, more than 80 different nationalities and cultural identities enrich our collaboration. This creates diversity that not only promotes open-minded thinking and respectful as well as tolerant interaction, but also reveals new perspectives and solutions through different cultural experiences and languages. ENRICH, the “Empowering Network for Respecting and Integrating Cultural Heritage” has set itself the task of fostering the interest and benefit of the cultures and nationalities united at HVB.

Physical & mental abilities

In accordance with our purpose of “Empowering Communities to Progress”, inclusion and participation guide our actions. Since 2020, we have been part of the “Valuable 500”, a global movement dedicated to putting disability on the corporate agenda. It is our goal to create a society in which people with and without disabilities work together barrier-free, employing their individual skills and talents to inspire each other. True participation only works if all people are considered from the very beginning and thus have the same opportunities. For this reason, our job portal is completely barrier-free.
Since many years, we have been cooperating with Pfennigparade to enhance the collaboration between our employees with and without disabilities.

By signing the “Charta der Vielfalt”, we are signaling our commitment to create a work environment that is free of prejudice and places the appreciation of all our employees at the center of everything we do, regardless of their gender and gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, and identity. 

DE&I action plan and goals

With the goal of driving change, innovation and sustainable growth, we are strengthening our commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment, always with the shared ambition: Empowering Communities to Progress.

DE&I Framework


Our DE&I Recognitions for diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Top Employers

Top Employer in Europe for the 7th time in succession and in Germany for the 13th time in succession.

Kununu Top Company

Top 5% of all companies on Kununu.

EDGE Certification

The HypoVereinsbank received the EDGE Move-Certification for equality and integration. The UniCredit Banks in Austria, Germany and Italy are currently the only EDGE-certified companies in the banking sector in Europe.

Integration in the workplace

Across the bank there are several initiatives as well as a rigorous monitoring process on our DE&I ambitions. Continuously, we invest in our employee’s development through training and retraining programs. Our development offering is fully aligned with UniCredit’s DE&I strategy and embeds behaviors needed to promote a more equitable and inclusive culture.

Promotion of culture change and inclusive culture

Several initiatives for all colleagues, a set of guidelines for inclusive language, inclusive recruiting and gender reassignment as well as the use of gender pronouns in email signatures – on a voluntary basis – should ensure that we properly respect the other’s gender identity. 

The Global UniCredit Policies Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Global Policy and Policy against Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Bullying and Anti - Retaliation were created to enhance the integration in the workplace based on equal opportunities and anti-discrimination.

DE&I network

Employee Networks

Networks of colleagues focused on specific diversity issues (LGBTQIA+, gender, cultural diversity, generations, families): They enable all colleagues to get engaged and develop a real sense of belonging.

DE&I Local Manager

Supports UniCredit Group's DE&I strategy across countries, through customized local initiatives.

DE&I Accountable Executives

Together with the Group DE&I managers and the DE&I local managers they act as role models and ambassadors within the UniCredit Group.