Usage of the recruiting platform by other UniCredit Legal Entities

The platform is used by several UniCredit Group companies for recruiting purposes and is operated by UniCredit Bank GmbH under its auspices.

Should I wish to apply for positions at other UniCredit Group companies, my data will be passed on to the relevant company (controller within the meaning of the EU General Data Protection Regulation), as listed below:

BA Real Invest Client Investment GmbH
Bank Austria Finanzservice GmbH
Bank Austria Real Invest Immobilien-Management GmbH
FactorBank AG
HVB Secur GmbH
Schoellerbank AG
UniCredit Bank Austria AG
UniCredit Direct Services GmbH
UniCredit Leasing (Austria) GmbH
UniCredit Services GmbH
UniCredit S.p.A. Munich Branch
UniCredit S.p.A. Vienna Branch
Wealth Cap Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

If, in the course of your application, you agree to open your profile to other positions in order to be actively approached by the relevant recruiter(s), your profile will also be shared with other UniCredit Group companies.