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HVB Tech: The experts for tech companies.

Based in Berlin – HVB Tech. The specialists for aspiring tech companies and venture capital funds. We offer you tailored financial solutions and we speak your language – in the way we think and act, and in our day-to-day operations.

Life cycle of techs.
  • Disruptive tech companies during expansion are growing fast

  • Back-office structures should be in line with strategy

  • Effective and competitive growth

  • Save costs during expansion

  • Tech companies follow individual processes

  • Different requests depending on the stage

HVB Tech Phases

Individual banking solutions are a basic success factor.

The need for start-up-focused banking.
Tech Team
100 % start-up

No time for banking! You take of your business to get the coins rolling in and the bank takes care of financial matters

  • Cash Management & Interest Rate Management

  • International Trade & Foreign Exchange Mgmt

  • Financial Risk Management

Tech Team
Characteristics and requirements of tech companies.


  • Foundation: Internal and external networking play a pivotal role

  • Financial resources as key success factors: Access to networks and VC

  • Fast & dynamic markets: Flexibility to adapt to new ideas and high-speed expansions

  • Back-office structures: Easy and intuitive interface

Focused on Tech Companies: our solutions.

You have a lot to think about. We make sure that your financial performance keeps up with the development of your company. We offer you professional solutions from the outset. After all, we know how quickly you will need these working at 100%.

Early stages
- Administration of seed
- Online banking
- Access to our networks
Expansion stage
- Professional payment solutions
- VC management
- Cash management
- Access to investment banking
- Fund raising
Later Stage
- Capital structure
- Fund raising
Tech Team

Tailor-made banking concept for tech companies.



  • Personal contacts with a large network and expertise in the tech scene

  • Access to global banking network

  • Efficient and simple banking structure

  • Constant information about developments on the financial and foreign exchange market

  • Acces to global Venture Capital network

Our core competences.
International Cash Management

Transaction and personal services

  • e-banking

  • Mastercard

  • VisaCard


International banking services and Cash Management solutions

  • Payment factory

  • Global cash pooling

  • Virtual account solutions

  • Flexible and transparent account solutions

Software and IT solutions
  • Server solution across multiple locations

  • Fully automated import and processing of payment data from accounting system

  • Electronic signature authorisation concept

  • e-banking app

Investment Banking
  • Local Treasury Sales Team

  • Liquidity, Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Management

  • M & A

  • IPOs

  • Alliance with Kepler Cheuvreux

Debt and Equitiy Capital Solutions
  • early "Senior Debt" financing e.g. Working Capital and acquisition financing

  • support on capital rounds

Venture Capital Coverage
  • Cash Management and foreign currencies

  • eBanking

  • Short Term Financing of Capital Calls (TBD)

  • Fundraising support

Tech Night 2019
6th #TechNightBerlin - "size still matters"
Wednesday, November 13th, 2019; Arena Glashaus Berlin

More and more significant German Tech Companies growing their market massively. How to manage, finance and create this path was the key topic of the 6th #TechNight in Berlin.

Our top notch speakers on Panel Discussion:

  • Jan Kemper (CFO Omio)
  • Paul Echt (CFO gamigo AG)
  • Alexander Joël-Carbonell (Head of M&A and Investments Delivery Hero)
  • David Kuczek (General Partner Holtzbrinck Ventures)

Review of 6# Tech Night 2019

"Size still matters" was the motto of the 6th TechNight of HypoVereinsbank in Berlin. This year, startup and venture capitalists were present and discussed what needs to be considered to manage, finance and shape an ever-growing business model.

The discussion between our experts Jan Kemper (CFO Omio), Paul Echt (CFO gamigo AG), Alexander Joel-Carbonell (Head of M & A and Investment Delivery Hero) and David Kuczek (General Partner Holtzbrinck Ventures) as well as their various perspectives can be viewed at our HVB LinkedIn channel again.

NOAH Berlin Conference 2019
HVB Tech Team NOAH 2019

The NOAH Conference is the largest industry event for the European Internet and digital economy. And this year HypoVereinsbank were represented with a stand at the NOAH Conference in Berlin.

Review of 5th Tech Night 2018

"Scale or die" was the title of the 5th Tech Night of the HypoVereinsbank in Berlin. This time with startup experts, who provided insights into the secret of healthy growth, and of course the HVB Tech Team.

Erik F. Nielsen (Chief Economist of UniCredit), Duncan McIntyre (SVP Corporate Finance and Head of Investor Relations of Delivery Hero SE), Finn Hänsel (CEO of Movinga), Michiel Kotting (Partner of Northzone), Sebastian Bielski (CFO of smava) and Michael Wax (COO and Co-Founder of FreightHub) discussed what it takes to grow successfully.

"Growth and scaling are two fundamentally different things. Scaling does not only mean that sales figures increase, but that every additional sale contributes to the profitability of the company." (Finn Hänsel, CEO of Movinga)

Gallery of 5th Tech Night 2018
The six experts of the podium of the 5th Tech Night 2018 l.t.r.: Finn Hänsel, CEO of Movinga, Duncan McIntyre, SVP Corporate Finance and Head of Investor Relations of Delivery Hero SE, Sebastian Bielski, CFO of smava, dr. Dominik Matyka, Partner of Cavalry Ventures, Michiel Kotting, Partner of Northzone, and Michael Wax, COO and Co-Founder of FreightHub
Jörg Frischholz, former Head of Corporates Region North of HypoVereinsbank, welcomes the guests.
He knows the market closely: Erik F. Nielsen, Chief Economist of UniCredit.
Olivier Khayat, Co-Head of Corporate & Investment Banking of UniCredit (left) with Duncan McIntyre, SVP Corporate Finance and Head of Investor Relations at Delivery Hero SE.
Tech Team of HypoVereinsbank.
Berlin Valley reports on Tech Night 2018!

Scaling as a patent recipe? At the 5th Tech Night of HypoVereinsbank, startup experts provided insights into the secret of healthy growth. Read what Berlin Valley writes on it.

HVB Tech Team
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Veda Tumay
Relationship Manager Venture Capital
Cash Management Specialists
Credit Analyst
HVB International Network.
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