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Do you want to start your career immediately, earn money and work in a real-life environment?

You can apply your skills in a number of apprenticeships and become an expert in your field. 

  • Duration: 2-3 years
  • Starts annually at the beginning of September
  • Practical experience from day one
  • Design your own individual specialisation phase

Dual study program

Do you want to combine theory and practical experience in the best possible way?

Complete an internationally recognised degree program and apply your theoretical knowledge directly in the field. 

  • Duration: 3-4 years
  • Starts annually at the beginning of September
  • Optional semester abroad
  • Design your own individual specialisation phase

Technical school and pupil internship

You still have no idea what to do after graduation?

Get a taste of the everyday life of a bank clerk and find out for yourself what interests you.

  • For pupils (14 years and older)
  • Throughout the year
  • Germany-wide
  • Apply directly within your branch of choice
Team High Five

Why join us?


We have something for everyone - whether you want to start as an apprentice, join the dual study program or get a taste of what a career in banking could be like with a pupil internship. Find your passion with us!


Become part of a strong team where every opinion counts, where we support each other and where diversity creates perspective.


Contribute your skills and innovative ideas and shape not only the future of banking, but also your own.



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You can apply for a pupil internship directly within your chosen branch.

We look forward to meeting you!

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  • Finia takes you along her apprenticeship

    Finia is doing her apprenticeship as a bank clerk with us in Würzburg. 

  • During your apprenticeship, you will become familiar with many different areas of the bank. You start in the Service area and support your colleagues with a variety of issues that clients have. After that, you move on to the Private Banking area, advising our clients both digitally and in person at the branch. Finally, it’s off to the Wealth Management area where the focus is on capital investment, e.g., through shares. You will also spend a few days with our specialists in Real Estate Financing and with our Corporate Client Advisors. 

  • After gaining significant insight during your basic training, you can specialise in an area of your choice and expand your knowledge. My specialisation phase was in the Wealth Management area. The working day there is not only super varied, it also really prepared me for the final exam.



  • Laura talks about her dual study program

    Laura is studying Business Administration at Nuremberg Tech and works at our branch in Ingolstadt.


    The atmosphere in the workplace and the support I receive from my team and my advisor Kristina really confirm that I was right to do a dual study program at HypoVereinsbank. As part of the UniCredit Group, the bank offers me broad insight into different departments, from generalists to specialists. This opens up many opportunities for my development after completing my dual study program.



  • I can organise my practical placements to suit my individual interests and thus get to know different locations. For me, the dual study program combines theory and practical experience perfectly and helps me to better understand the content of many courses. Despite the demanding and time-consuming study program, this path is definitely worth taking. I would choose it again for sure!




  • Felix tells you about his pupil internship

    Felix completed his pupil internship with us in Hamburg.


    My pupil internship was a great opportunity to gain my first experience in the professional world. It also really helped me in my personal development. 

    I was welcomed with open arms as a member of the team right from the start and was allowed to actively contribute.







    I enjoyed my internship so much that I later started an apprenticeship at HypoVereinsbank. The experience I gained during my internship made it much easier for me to start my apprenticeship. I would definitely recommend a pupil internship with HypoVereinsbank. It also gives you the chance to find out if the job is right for you.