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As a registered Swap Dealer, UniCredit Bank GmbH ("UCB GmbH") is required to disclose material information concerning a swap to certain counterparties prior to entering into a swap, foreign exchange swap, foreign exchange forward, or mixed swap ("Covered Derivative"), as those term are defined under the Commodity Exchange Act and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission rules. This website contains a General Disclosure document and Product-Specific Disclosure documents that contain information UCB GmbH is required to disclose prior to entering into a swap. These documents were developed by the International Swaps & Derivatives Association ("ISDA"). The General Disclosure describes: (1) the material characteristics of a variety of transactions, (2) material risks of such transactions and (3) typical material incentives and conflicts of interest that might occur in respect to these transactions. The General Disclosure Statement should be read in conjunction with the product-specific disclosures for commodity derivative transactions, foreign exchange transactions, interest rate transactions, equity derivative transactions and credit derivative transactions depending on the type or types of transactions you are entering into with UCB GmbH.

General Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement for Foreign Exchange Transactions

Disclosure Statement for Interest Rate Transactions

Disclosure Statement for Credit Derivative Transactions

Disclosure Statement for Equity Derivatives Transactions

Disclosure Statement for Commodity Derivative Transactions

Disclosures for Asset-backed Security Derivative Transactions

IBOR Alternative Reference Rate Disclosure

In addition, you will find information concerning pre-trade mid-market mark  according to Section 23.431 a(3)(i) and daily (post-trade ) mid-market mark according to Section 23.431(d)(2).

Pre-Trade Mid-Market Marks

Daily Post-Trade Mid-Market Marks

The information provided on this website is not the only disclosure information you might receive from UCB GmbH. You may be provided additional information either provided orally or in writing concerning a transaction that you are entering into with UCB GmbH.

Please contact our sales team if you have any additional questions regarding the information on this website. By entering into Covered Derivatives with UCB GmbH, you acknowledge that you have been informed and read the disclosures on this website. Status April 2013


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